disk heating; cutting bait

Jonathan Bird (Vandy) is in town for two days, to finish a paper on heating in the Milky Way disk. The model is a hierarchical probabilistic model that generates the ages and vertical velocities of all the red-clump stars in a big part of the APOGEE data, where the ages come from C and N abundances from Ness and the velocities come from APOGEE and Gaia. He gets very precise answers! But there are deviations between the data and the model in the space of the data, and we debated how important these are to our conclusions.

Lauren Anderson (Flatiron) decided today that she has to down-select from many Gaia DR2 projects to one single Gaia DR2 project. Good idea! And in discussing this with her, I realized that I also needed to do this. We didn't get to final decisions.

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