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Today was an all-talk day! But I did get in a bit of morning time writing in the spectroscopic-parallax method paper. I have to figure out whether the model is convex. I am not sure that it is, but I can't see why not. In the talking part of my day, I spoke with Bedell (Flatiron) about continuum-normalization of stars. I think I have improvements to the sigma-clipping hack we are currently doing, but I feel like I am reinventing the wheel! I spoke with Bonaca (Harvard) about our plans to drop dark-matter-halo-perturbed streams into toy Galaxy potentials. She had a very small-scope recommendation, which I accepted. And I spoke with Rene Andrae (MPIA) about computationally permitted options for the Gaia CU8 pipelines. They have extremely restricted memory and time requirements for their pipeline, so they can't do all the things they would like to do. He showed me some nice results with random-basis methods, which have good properties both statistically and computationally.

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