I spent the day writing in the spectroscopic-parallax project. I wrote six or seven paragraphs, and that's about it! (Actually, that's a great day: My goal is two paragraphs per day.)

But in addition to the writing, I did have an interesting conversation with Tom Herbst (MPIA), Thomas Bertram (MPIA), and Kalyan Radhakrishnan (MPIA) about adaptive optics. The idea is to think about using the science data (the imaging you care about) to update the adaptive mirrors. What new things might be unlocked by that, especially if used in concert with the wavefront sensors? This reminds me of old conversations I have had with Matthew Kenworthy (Leiden). I also asked what kinds of science you might do with the wavefront sensors. Just as the imaging detector gives wavefront information, the wavefront sensors give imaging information!

I also was present for presentations by Eilers (MPIA) and Birky (UCSD) on their stellar projects in the MPIA Stars Group Meeting.

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