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The most important rule for this research diary blog is that I must post every single work day (unless I am traveling or have no internet connection), and that I cannot count purely administrative work (eg, committees, letters of recommendation, grant administration) or purely teaching work (eg, class prep, lecture note writing). Indeed, if I have done no research that day, I must admit it up-front.

While I did nearly no research today, Blanton and I did work out a possible revised project for Ilya, and Sam, Blanton, and I worked out a trial project for Chris Wu.

Morad and I started the process of trimming the huge USNO-B1.0 catalog down to a useable size for the first astrometry demonstration project, which will be to solve all SDSS fields. I updated the astrometry WWW page to include milestone descriptions, and started work on the annotated bibliography.

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