dotAstronomy day three

In the morning session I talked about modeling, including our Comet 17P/Holmes project (which got some press here and here; my dotastronomy viewgraphs are here). A highlight for me of the talks was Geert Barensten (Armagh Observatory) talking about human observing of meteroids. He showed a ridiculous distribution of meteoric material around the Earth; the detail was beautiful. At the end of his talk he showed experimentally that some meteoroids can be detected by Twitter searches!

We had an afternoon unconference, with so many good things I couldn't decide what to do. In the end I went to the mash-up discussion, which evolved into a discussion of funding, not surprisingly given the bad state of things for so many interesting projects right now (Jill Tarter of SETI noted that the Allen Telescope Array may be forced to shut down this year). We decided to look at crowd-sourcing some long-term funding propaganda.

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