NASA Science Plan

Again, no research. But I did read the NASA 2010 Science Plan, which includes stuff about Pu 238 production. In the short term, asking for the US to re-start Pu 238 production is good for interplanetary exploration, but if it is not combined with unilateral disarmament (and it isn't), then in the long term it is very, very bad for our security and our position in the international community. Won't we get more science done in the long term if we disarm first, and produce Pu 238 after?

[I think it violates The Rules to talk about politics here; I promise not to do that more than, say, once a year.]

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  1. Currently the alternate plan is to purchase PU 238 from Russia. It turns out that we thought we needed as much as 5Kg, but in a recent chat with NASA, it seems we only need about 0.5Kg. Regardless of how we get it, restarting production will take several year to spin up. Maximum production could reach 1Kg/year or less in 5 years.

    ps you broke your own rule.