emcee and Bart and decision making

Foreman-Mackey and I discussed the referee report for the emcee paper (which we submitted to PASP at the beginning of the month). We want to make a few additional changes, including citing all the people who are using it. I was pleased to learn that in its first 11 months on the arXiv, the emcee paper got 25 citations! And those are citations of an unrefereed paper! It was for these general reasons that Rix had insisted that we submit it to a refereed journal.

Foreman-Mackey is also under the gun to finish the Bart paper, in which we deliver ultra-fast MCMC sampling for exoplanet transit lightcurves. We discussed parameterizations of the celestial mechanics problem, as we so often do. It's not trivial.

Late in the day, I wrote words in my document that justifies the Long-Term Discounted Free Cash Flow as the basis for all decision making, even in statistical inference.


  1. But with what method of discounting? And how long is long-term? And how do you measure "cash"? Fiddling with these lets you decide pretty much whatever you want to decide, so this metric doesn't seem that useful.

  2. That's right! But if you don't do that fiddling *explicitly* in your utility, you are doing it *implicitly* in your head, which is even worse. More when I finish the damned paper.