fitting cold tidal streams

My New Years' resolution is to finish at least one paragraph of writing in an unfinished paper (or proposal) before opening email or any other internet distractions. At lunch we calculated that if I successfully do this I will write—by myself, by this method alone—five full papers in 2013. Maybe even more, if I keep on writing once the first paragraph is done (as I did today). 2013 is the year of writing! (It has to be given the number of unfinished projects we have gathering dust on the github and Astrometry.net servers.)

Today my paragraphs were written in my note about fitting tidal streams. I am writing the note for Andreas Kuepper (Bonn), who doesn't even know I am doing that, but I want to trap him into collaborating: He has great models of tidal streams, various people have awesome data, and I have a likelihood function.

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