Fouesneau, Geha

Morgan Fouesneau (UW) arrived for a few days of paper-finishing intensity. He is trying to measure the unresolved (confused) light in young star clusters observed in the PHAT data on M31. We discussed the model and I asked for some diagnostics. They look good; the models seem to be working better than Fouesneau himself thought! Marla Geha (Yale) also showed up for some spectroscopic calibration consulting. We discussed the projects I had been doing with Roweis (and Bolton a bit) at the time of Roweis's death. She may want to give them a shot! We started by specifying some visualizations to make from her current calibrations. The idea is: If we can find invariants of the calibration, we can strongly regularize the calibration fits. Roweis and I were doing this in full generality, but the first thing to do is just look at the data.

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