data science

Today we prepared for a site visit by the Sloan and Moore Foundations, who are doing research related to data science and ways in which they could support it in the universities. People from all over the university—many of whom I know well because of our overlapping interests in extracting science from data—got together to figure out what things we want to discuss with the visiting team. One thing I was reminded of in the discussions is that MCMC is a truly cross-cutting tool for data science; it finds a use in every discipline. That makes me even more excited about our various MCMC ideas. Late in the day I worked on my Sloan Atlas of Galaxies. The Sloan Foundation has been pretty important in my scientific life!

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  1. Hi David, since you prompted me to your blog today I stopped by to read it and found your post on data science. It's something I have been trying to follow up on recently, and would love to chat with you about it sometimes this month.