strong lensing

Chris Fassnacht (UC Davis) came into town and we discussed various things lensing. He showed us some very beautiful Keck AO images of strong gravitational lenses. He also discussed with us the generalization of blind deconvolution that includes a lens model in the middle of the generative model. This is a great idea, and no-one really has the whole package. He and his collaborators have great evidence for massive substructure in lensing galaxies.

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  1. Hello Chris! You're right that nobody has solved all of this, but many people have reinvented a bunch of wheels that solve parts of it. It seems traditional in the strong lensing community that everyone should write their own inversion code. I think Barnabe, Suyu, Vegetti, Auger, Brewer, Marshall, ..., all have one (if not many!).

    Watch this space re: substructure though. There's nothing stopping me from making crowded fields of dark substructures. ;-)