Fergus, Schölkopf (MPI-IS, visiting us for three months, now counting as a Camp Hogg regular), Brewer, Fadely, Foreman-Mackey, and I went to lunch together. What a pleasure! Long (unfortunately expensive) lunches are an important part of how we get things done here at Camp Hogg. We discussed further the Kuiper Belt problem, and many other things. One beautiful idea that came up is that outer Solar System objects always have (nearly) zero proper motion, whereas extra-Solar Galactic sources always have proper motions that are as large as (or larger than) the parallax amplitude. Late in the day we discussed (over drinks I am afraid) with Brewer possible engineering improvements to nested sampling and the future of complex, high performance samplers that adaptively take advantage of everything that is now known about the huge class of sampling problems. It was a great day.

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