Kepler day

Today was Kepler Day at Camp Hogg, kicking off Kepler Week. Tom Barclay (Ames) came into town for a week to help Foreman-Mackey and me understand the Kepler data in more detail. We spent a lot of the day discussing the various physical effects coming in to the instrument-induced variations we see in the Kepler lightcurves. There are some crazy things, including stellar aberration variations, temperature and point-spread function variations, CCD electronics cross-talk, cosmic-rays and bad cosmic-ray removal, and thruster firings. For many of these things we might be able to build a model or help with modeling. The goal for tomorrow is to decide on week-scale goals and execute. At lunch-time, Foreman-Mackey gave a very nice blackboard talk on Kepler systematics and population modeling, which was pretty relevant to everything we did today.

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