limb darkening

Tom Barclay (Ames), Foreman-Mackey, and I made our plan for hacking this week: We are going to take a multi-tranet (a "tranet" is a transiting planet) system from the Kepler data and infer the host-star limb-darkening profile. Multi-tranet is important, because for any individual tranet (especially at low signal-to-noise), the limb-darkening has substantial covariance with the transit geometry. Indeed, our goal for the week is to find out how constraints on limb-darkening improve as the system increases in the number of tranets; I predict that it will improve faster than the total signal-to-noise in the transits, because the different tranets will place (at least slightly) different constraints on the appearance of the star. But we will see. By the end of the day, some progress was evident, although not through any useful action of mine!

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