exoSAMSI day seven, injection and recovery

While Baines (Davis) and Dawson (CfA) worked on the statistics of the amplitudes of wavelet-tranform elements (to build intuition for our likelihood function), the rest of the team, including especially Montet (Caltech), Barclay (Ames), and Foreman-Mackey worked on doing approximate one-dimensional (lightcurve-level) injections of Earth-like planets on year-like orbital periods into a set of Solar-type stars chosen for us by Matijevic (Villanova). At time of writing (day isn't over), team is trying to close the loop of running an approximate search ("box least squares" or equivalent) on the injected lightcurves for exoplanet recovery. If we can close this loop, we feel like we might be able to achieve our goals, which include (but are not limited to) finding Earth-like planets around Sun-like stars on year-like orbits. Sound familiar? I worked on missing-data imputation and wavelet transforms.

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