radio-telescope calibration to string theory

At #NYCastroML, Josh Peek and I had a public conversation about how to self-calibrate single-dish radio observations of the Milky Way HI gas. We were able to cast it into a linear-ish form and develop the hope that he could use a sparse-coding method advocated (effectively) in the Ivezic et al book.

In the afternoon, Kilian Walsh presented the work he has done on cosmology to his PhD committee. He can use the void probability function to constrain the halo model beyond the abundance and clustering constraints usually in use. He is now a PhD candidate; congratulations!

At lunch time, Roberto Gobbetti (NYU) defended his PhD. He presented a mechanical model for slow-roll inflation based on flux discharge around compact dimensions in the string landscape. It is a beautiful model in which a great many things are computable. Let's hear it for the observational consequences of string-like theories! And let's congratulate Dr Gobbetti.

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