calibration problems as correlated noise; shear mapping

In addition to writing a small amount in my Atlas today, I read a few papers and parts of papers. One was an appendix by Michael Cushing (Toledo) about fitting sets of data that include both photometry and spectroscopy with calibration issues. Cushing treats the calibration issues as a form of exceedingly correlated noise. This is very related to things we worked on at #UnDisLo last month, and he has some very good ideas about how to structure the problem. Some of the ideas are related to things Cushing and I talked about when I was visiting Toledo last year.

Another read was a paper proposal by Michael Schneider (LLNL) about doing weak lensing by fitting a Gaussian Process model of the three-dimensional shear map to the data, and then doing cosmological analysis on the samples or posterior for that shear map. This latter idea grew out of discussions in the MBI team that entered the weak-lensing GREAT3 Challenge. The MBI team is trying to think as probabilistically as our computational resources allow.

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