methods across disciplines

In the part of the day that was not spent writing a NASA ADAP proposal, Foreman-Mackey, Fadely, and I met with Jennifer Hill, Vince Dorie, and Marc Scott (all NYU PRIISM) to talk about translating statistical methods from domain to domain and from stats to a domain. Hill and I had called the meeting after thinking that there might be some kind of natural-language project here.

In the end we decided to start along a different path, which is to consider the citation graph in the literature, to find papers that use the same methods but are in different fields or subfields. This would give us a corpus to look at of documents that might require translations. We decided to start in or near astrophysics, because the NASA ADS has the citation graph (and will probably give it to us!).

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  1. 1) Particle filters (Andrieu et al. 2010)
    2) INLA (Rue et al. 2008) /SPDE approx: GRF-> GRMF (Lindgren et al. 2011)
    3) Stochastic process priors other than GP: e.g. Dirichlet process, Gamma process, Mondrian process