cryo-EM calculus, NASA

I started reading this classic (and pay-walled) paper by Sigworth on cryo-EM imaging reconstruction. It contains an error in elementary probability (one I warn against in my probability calculus tutorial): It marginalizes out the angle variables using the likelihood or posterior on angles where it should use the prior. However, the paper is filled with good ideas and is strongly related to what I hope to do in this area. Indeed, all the opportunity is in incremental improvements, I suspect, not (probably) fundamentals. The paper also contains some nice toy problems!

In the afternoon and into the evening, I participated in the Spitzer Oversight Committee meeting (from my sick bed and by telecon). The big issue is the upcoming Senior Review; the project needs to figure out how many more years to ask for, at what budget, and for what reason. These are hard questions, even though the project has been incredibly productive in its latter years (and more productive per dollar every year).

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