writing and talking

In another day with limited motility, one small victory was drafting an abstract for upcoming work on The Cannon with Andy Casey (Cambridge). I like to draft an abstract, introduction, and method section before I start a project, to check the scope and (effectively) set the milestones. We plan to obtain benefit from both great model freedom and parsimony by using methods from compressed sensing.

I also had a few conversations; I spoke with Dun Wang and Schiminovich about Wang's work on inferring the GALEX flat-field. We made a plan for next steps, which include inferring the stellar flat and the sky flat separately (which is unusual for a spacecraft calibration). I spoke with Magland about colors, layout, and layering in his human interface to neuroscience data. This interface has some sophisticated inference under the hood, but needs also to have excellent look and feel, because he wants customers.

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