high-resolution dust maps, data-driven SED templates

Maria Kapala (Cape Town) showed up today, to discuss analyses of multi-wavelength imaging. Our idea, which was born years ago in work with Lang, is to build a dust map that constrains dust density and temperature and emission properties using all the Herschel bands, but works at the angular resolution of the best band. The usual practice is to smooth everything to the worst band!

Also had a long conversation with Boris Leistedt (NYU) about learning the templates simultaneously with the redshifts in a template-based photometric-redshift system. This is the right thing to do: It captures the causal model that is inherent in the template-based systems, but also captures the data-driven advantages of a machine-learning method. I am interested to know how accurately and at what resolution we could recover templates in realistic fake-data tests. We scoped a first paper on the subject.

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