chemical abundance calibrations

Jan Rybizki (MPIA) and I continued to work on simple nucleosynthesis models. We have been looking at whether we can learn changes to the supernovae yield tables using the data, but of course we don't trust the data completely: We think there might be significant issues with the calibration of the chemical abundances. Today I included such offsets in my model and fit for them. The conservative idea is to put very weak priors on the offsets, and much more informative priors on the yield adjustments, to force the system to “fix the data” before it starts to fix the theory.

We compared offset conclusions, and we get slightly different results, but it looks like it can be attributed to the fact that Rybizki insists that the relative contributions of supernovae and AGB stars be realizable in a nucleosynthetic model and I don't! I decided that I need to include priors on the amplitudes of these chemical sources.

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