low-rank plus sparse

It was a great day. Melissa Ness's code with informative wavelength priors is working away, and Anna Ho has nearly finished her response to referee and her new paper on LAMOST red-giant ages and masses. I even did a bit on my own referee report, inspired by a pull request from Andy Casey.

I had a brief meeting with Michael Bottom (Caltech), who brought me this paper on coronagraph data analysis. It represents the data from a coronagraph as something low-rank that is fixed in the camera frame plus something arbitrary and sparse. He asked if we could add the point that the sparse component should be fixed in the sky frame. I opined that this was probably a trivial change. Indeed it is probably a few-line pull request to the code that would vastly improve the results. We agreed to think about it when he is finished his PhD and I am back to NYC.

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