the capability and limitations of supernovae yields

Today was a good day for coding. After Jan Rybizki (MPIA) spoke about his nucleosynthesis code and projects at group meeting, we got back to coding. I found a pernicious copy() bug, by which I mean a bug that comes from assigning a variable to another variable (in Python) when I should be copying the latter. In conversation with Hans-Walter Rix we set the scope for a two early papers. One scope is to show that new yield tables for supernovae and AGB stars are better than old yield tables. We can do this, even marginalizing out calibration offsets in the APOGEE abundances. Another scope is to show that one-zone models—even a mixture of one-zone models— cannot produce the heterogeneity of stellar abundances that we see. Even a scenario in which different stars see different fractions of the relevant supernovae wouldn't create the heterogeneity we see! We need stochastic yields or new nucleosynthetic pathways.

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