finished a paper!

Sabbatical is an unreal experience. In case the loyal reader was wondering How awesome is your job?, let me add to the list of awesome the fact of having a year (every seven, in principle) with no teaching or committee duties, in which I can do whatever I want! One piece of evidence that this is happening right now is that I just finished the third (zeroth draft) first-author paper of this academic year, which is about six times as many first-author papers I complete in a normal year (yes, my normal rate is 0.5 first-author per year; thankfully my junior colleagues are far more productive and permit my co-authorship).

Of course these three first-author papers are not really done: On one I need to respond to referee, on one I am waiting for a bit of work from collaborators, and this new one is still very, very rough. But it is fully drafted, from end to end. The subject is: How we compare cosmological simulations to cosmological data, and the incorrect inferences we might be drawing by the wrongness of all this.

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  1. I take this to mean that you have also been making pancakes for your wife and child every morning since September. Please tell me I'm right.