the Bronx; the baryon acoustic feature

Although perhaps this doesn't count as research, I spent today at public middle school CIS 303 in the Bronx, for Career and College Day. I met lots of kids (and lots of other people talking about their careers) and said words and answered questions about my career and how I got here. The format was panels, interviewed by classrooms of kids. Most interesting idea of the day (and it was from other panelists): Success in a career requires empathy and the ability to listen. That's deep! Strongest impression of the day: Comparing this public middle school to that of my own daughter, I can (still) see a lot of disparity in the NYC public school system, and that disparity isn't just about money: It is also about discipline, school organization, and academic priorities. (These disparities are what got me studying education way back in the late eighties when I was in college.)

At the beginning of the day, I did get a bit of research in thanks to Jeremy Tinker (NYU), who showed the Blanton–Hogg group meeting what is currently going on with (finishing) BOSS data analyses and (starting) eBOSS ones. The combination of baryon acoustic feature scale measurements and redshift-distortion measurements lead to very strong constraints on cosmological parameters. I'd like to say more! But papers will appear within weeks.

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