release your data and code; diffraction microscopy

Having sent my cosmology inference draft to various friendlies for them to beat it up, I returned to other priorities. I have the goal to finish two more papers before my sabbatical ends. The first would be something (in the Data Analysis Recipes series) about why you should (or shouldn't) release your data and code. I keep making the same arguments over and over in person and by email, so I should write them down once and for all! This is exactly why I started the fitting-a-line document o-so-many years ago. The second is a paper on diffraction imaging with very few photons. I booted up both of these projects today.

On the first, I made a draft table of all the things that come in on the pro and con sides for releasing data and code. There are lots of overlaps, and lots of things appear in both the pro and the con column! For example, documentation: This is a con, because it is a burden, but a pro because you are encouraged to do it (and benefit from it). And it applies to both data and code.

On the second, I worked through the mathematics of the Ewald sphere, in preparation for generalizing my code so that it doesn't have to work in the small-angle limit.

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