The Cannon and APOGEE

I discussed some more the Cramér-Rao bound (or Fisher-matrix) computations on cold stellar streams being performed by Ana Bonaca (Harvard). We discussed how things change as we increase the numbers of parameters, and designed some possible figures for a possible paper.

I had a long phone call with Andy Casey (Monash) about The Cannon, which is being run inside APOGEE2 to deliver parameters in a supplemental table in data release 14. We discussed issues of flagging stars that are far from the training set. This might get strange in high dimensions.

In further APOGEE2 and The Cannon news, I dropped an email on the mailing lists about the radial-velocity measurements that Jason Cao (NYU) has been making for me and Adrian Price-Whelan (Princeton). His RV values look much better than the pipeline defaults, which is perhaps not surprising: The pipeline uses some cross-correlation templates, while Cao uses a very high-quality synthetic spectrum from The Cannon. This email led to some useful discussion about other work that has been done along these lines within the survey.

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