ages of M stars

At Stars group meeting, Rocio Kiman (CUNY) showed some beautiful results comparing activity indictors for late-type dwarf stars with kinematic measurements. The stars that are older by activity indicators (less activity) are clearly also older kinematically (higher vertical velocity dispersion). The data are the clearest I have ever seen in this age world. Her goal is to build a hierarchical model of the different age indicators to cross-calibrate them and deliver highest possible precision age measures. She is ready for Gaia DR2!

In Gaia DR2 prep meeting, we went back through our Gaia projects. David Spergel (Flatiron) pointed out to us that the Gaia Archive is fair game for NASA ADAP proposals, which reminded me that I have some serious proposal-writing to do, asap! The discussion of projects got me very excited for April 25, which I think will be a fun celebration of everything astrometric.

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