#siRTDM18, day 5

Armin Rest (STScI) gave a nice talk about time-domain astronomy, with stuff about finding Earth-impactors and also light echoes. After his talk, I told him the insane project conceived by Rix, Schölkopf, and me about modeling the whole Milky Way as a set of flickering light sources and a three-dimensional map of dust, using time-domain imaging at very low brightness. That's probably not possible! Rest is part of a big new sky survey for near-earth asteroids, which will also do a lot of variable-star science.

After that, Sarah Richardson (Microbyre) talked about automating various aspects of phylogeny for various kinds of microbes. I was impressed by the robotics setups available to biologists! Her talk also contained a lot of biology-101 content for the physicists and engineers; I learned a lot (and felt, once again, my regret that I didn't take more biology in college!).

Late in the day, Josh Bloom (Berkeley) and I did some real-time decision-making at the Emoryville card room.

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