#TESSninja, day 2

The highlight today of #TESSninja was Ashley Villar (Harvard) showing the lightcurve of a supernova discovered in the K2 mission, with models over-plotted. It appears that the supernova is a type Ia, but the early-time light curve (and K2 was observing it well before the start) is not consistent with any null type Ia models. The early time requires an interaction of the explosion with some nearby material, probably a companion star! This is an important discovery and (I think) a first!

Earlier in the day I worked with Ellie Schwab (AMNH) and Ben Montet (Chicago) on detrending a particular low-mass star that Schwab is interested in. We discussed how to combine the full-frame image information (where we know more about calibration and integrated photometry) with the long-cadence data (where we have a limited aperture and know less).

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