#TESSninja, day 4

Today was a short day at #TESSninja for me, because I had [life events]. But in the morning, I spent some time working with [unnamed participants] and I managed, through my efforts, to fully bork their code. I guess I really, really don't understand Python packages. I felt bad about that. You are supposed to move fast and break things and fail fast but I often participate in projects in such a way that I feel like I make them worse!

I also spoke with Ellie Schwab Abrahams (AMNH) and Ben Montet (Chicago) about linear regression to calibrate a Kepler light curve. You can think of calibration as a kind of regression (predicting data using housekeeping data); we worked out what that would look like and got Schwab Abrahams on to gathering the housekeeping data.

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