computer vision and self-calibration

I spoke in the CCPP Brown Bag today, about computer vision and its connections to cosmology. I realized only during the talk (and therefore way too late to change course) that really the best connection between computer vision and cosmology to emphasize right now is in the area of self-calibration. In computer vision, it is often the case that you have to determine the distortion or noise or blurring kernel of the image using that image alone; that is, you have no external calibrating information. This is also true for precise astronomical data sets: The best information about how the instrument works comes from the science data themselves. Oh well, I will do a better job next time! I can also then connect the stuff I am doing with Fergus and Fadely with the things I am doing with Foreman-Mackey and Holmes.
Inspired by all this, I spent part of the afternoon making a huge ginormous graphical model with Daft for all of astronomy.

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  1. Hi! This is interesting. I am was looking for things that I could do as a course project that combines computer vision and cosmology and this seems to be a good one. Could you post/send me some reference papers that do this kind of work? You can e-mail me here - arunkannawadi[at]cmu[dot]edu . Thanks in advance!