stars in Stripe 82 and GALEX

Fadely and I continued work with Willman, Preston, and Bochanski today. Preston got Fadely's code working on Haverford computers. Willman found more than ten-thousand possibly relevant spectra in SDSS Stripe 82 to test our star–galaxy classifications. Bochanski found lots of relevant HST imaging and even found that SExtractor has been run on everything we need. We spent lunch planning our next steps. Willman challenged us to make sure we have a very good case that high-quality star–galaxy separation is necessary for real, planned science projects. I think we do, but it was a good reality check on this big effort.

In the afternoon, Schiminovich and Gertler and I talked about obtaining and using SDSS stars for self-calibration of the GALEX photon stream. That's going to be a good idea. We also discussed sources of the sky-to-focal-plane residuals we are seeing; we very much hope they are purely from the focal-plane distortions and not from issues with the spacecraft attitude.

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