star-galaxy separation and cash

Today is not over but it has already been pretty busy. Beth Willman is in town, with her research assistant Annie Preston (Haverford) and postdoc John Bochanski (Haverford) to discuss next generation ideas on hierarchical Bayesian star–galaxy separation. The idea is to apply our method to SDSS Stripe 82 data to get better star–galaxy separation that what is currently available. We discussed scope of the project and methods for verification of our success (or failure).

In parallel, Rob Fergus and I are in one-hundred-percent-effort mode on a submission for the Google Faculty Research Awards program. It is for small amounts of money but it is a very streamlined (thanks, Google overlords!) process, so I think we can get in a credible proposal. We are proposing to bring self-calibration down to the pixel level and out to the masses.

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