fitting cold streams

I had a great conversation today with Kathryn Johnston (Columbia), Joo Yoon (Columbia), and Andreas Küpper (Bonn) about cold streams of tidal origin. Küpper has results that show many things, including the following: (a) It is possible to model the detailed morphologies of tidal streams quickly without even N-body simulations. (b) The wiggly expected morphologies near the parent body are mainly due to epicyclic motions, not variable tidal stripping. (c) Plausibly the non-uniformities in density in the Palomar 5 stream can be due to these epicyclic effects. (d) There is awesome morphology expected in the position—radial-velocity plane, and Marla Geha (Yale) has the data to (possibly) test it. Nice work and the kind of work that generates multiple questions and projects for every issue it resolves. We discussed better ways to do the fitting of models to data.

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