time for Astrometry.net to rise again

I had two conversations about Astrometry.net today. The first was with Oded Nov (NYU Poly), with whom I plan to put in an engineering proposal to work on citizen science and distributed, untrusted sensors, using Astrometry.net and something about urban sensing as examples.

The second conversation was with Kilian Walsh (NYU), with whom I am trying to get up and running a system to synthesize every submitted image right after we calibrate it. The idea is that the image synthesis (plus a healthy dose of optimization) will tell us, for each submitted image, the sky, bandpass, zeropoint, large-scale flat, and point-spread function. If we can get all that to work (a) we will be Gods on this Earth, and (b) we will be able to search the data for variable stars, transients, and other anomalies.

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