partial differential equations

I am trying to write a proposal to fund the research I do on machine-learning theory. The proposal is to work on ocean dynamics. It's a great application for the things we have done! But it's hard to write a credible proposal in an area that's new to you. Interdisciplinarity and agility is not rewarded in the funding system at present! At least I am learning a ton as I write this.



I've been working on two philosophical projects this month. The first has been an interaction with Jim Peebles (Princeton) around a paper he has been writing, setting down his philosophy of physics. I am pretty aligned with his position, which I expect to hit the arXiv soon. I'm not a co-author of that. But one of the interesting things about science is how much of our work in in anonymous (or quasi-anonymous) support of others.

The second philosophical project is a paper about machine learning and science: I am trying to set down my thoughts about how ML can and can't help the sciences. This is fundamentally a philosophy-of-science question, not a science question.


try bigger writing

I have been buried in job season and other people's projects. That's good! Hiring and advising are the main things we do in this job. But I decided today that I need to actually start a longer writing project that is my own baby. So I started to turn the set of talks I have been giving about machine learning and astrophysics into a paper. Maybe for the new ICML Position Paper call?