a day at MIT

I spent the day today at MIT, to give a seminar. I had great conversations all day! Just a few highlights: Rob Simcoe and I discussed spectroscopic data reduction and my EPRV plans. He agreed that, in the long run, the radial-velocity measurements should be made in the space of the two-d pixel array, not extracted spectra. Anna Frebel and I discussed r-process stars, r-process elements, and chemical-abundance substructure in the Galaxy Halo. We discussed the immense amount of low-hanging fruit coming with Gaia DR2. I had lunch with the students, where I learned a lot about research going on in the Department. In particular Keaton Burns had interesting things to say about the applicability of spectral methods in solving fluid equations in some contexts. On the train up, I worked on the theoretical limits of self-calibration: What is the Cramér–Rao bound for flat-field components given a self-calibration program? This, for Euclid.

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