dust-hidden supernovae

In my weekly parallel-hacking, I re-learned how to use kplr with Elisabeth Andersson (NYU).

This was followed by a nice talk by Mansi Kasliwal (Caltech) about the overwhelming force on time-domain astronomy being implemented by her and others at Caltech. One of their projects will be imaging more than 3000 square degrees an hour! There isn't enough solid angle on the sky for them. She is finding lots of crazy transients that are intermediate in luminosity between supernovae and novae, and she doesn't know what they are. Also she may be finding the (long expected) fully-obscured supernovae. If she has found them, she may be doubling the observed supernova rates in nearby galaxies. Great stuff.

The day ended with lightning talks at the CCPP, with faculty introducing themselves to the new graduate students.

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