linear models for nuisances

The day started with Rodrigo Luger (UW) and Dan Foreman-Mackey (Flatiron) and me discussing a range of projects. They endorsed my general idea of looking for planets by searching resonances! Which is good. We tentatively decided to try to write one of the new ApJ Research Notes about our systematics models for Kepler and other projects. There are a lot of unifying good ideas there; let's spread the Good News. The idea is that it is possible to simultaneously fit a linear model and marginalize it out with a simple linear-algebra move. Work on that started almost immediately.

Lauren Anderson (Flatiron) visualized the proper motions of stars in the Galaxia model as a function of sky position and distance, to see if proper motions can be used to infer distances by methods that are more clever than reduced proper motion. It looks like they can be! We discussed further improvements to the visuals, with help from Vasily Belokurov (Cambridge).

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