paper scopes, voids

In Friday parallel-working session, Megan Bedell (Flatiron) and I discussed (for the nth time) the scope of the first paper and next papers in our extreme-precision radial-velocity work. We realized that paper 1 is pretty-much ready to go! We also realized that the point should not be about what people might be doing wrong, but about what things you can do that are easy and close to correct. In particular, the point that a data-driven spectral model can come close to saturating the Cramér–Rao bound on radial-velocity. This was not obvious at the outset, because some of the information in the data must go into the spectral model (and not the RV measurement). That's a good point!

Renée Hlozek (Toronto) gave the Astrophysics Seminar. In part she talked about the negative S–Z effect from voids. In another part, she talked about constraining light scalar dark matter with large-scale structure. Both problems I am interested in for near-future research. In the afternoon, she and Alex Malz (NYU) and I talked about advising and mentoring. Hlozek is a deep thinker about these things.

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