Gaia and exoplanets

At our weekly Gaia DR2 prep workshop, a bunch of good ideas emerged from Megan Bedell (Flatiron) about exoplanet and star science. Actually, some of the best ideas could be done right now, before DR2! These include looking at our already-known co-moving pairs of stars for examples with short-cadence Kepler data or known planetary systems. There is also lots to do once DR2 does come out. In this same workshop, David Spergel (Flatiron) summarized the work that the Gaia team has done to build a simulated universe in which to test and understand it's observations. These are useful for trying out projects in advance of the data release.

In the afternoon, everyone at the Flatiron CCA, at all levels, gave 2-minute, 1-slide lightning talks. It was great! There were many themes across the talks, including inference, fundamental physics, and fluid dynamics. On the first topic: There is no shortage of people at Flatiron who are thinking about how we might do better at learning from the data we have.

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